About 404 Brighton Road - Quite a History!

The South Croydon Convalescent Home for Children was opened on 4 November 1890 on the Brighton Road in South Croydon. It was a charitable institution and the largest of its type in the area at the time. The driving force behind the home was a local philanthropist – Harriett Sturt who was married to a wealthy local merchant. This was not her first foray into children’s homes; she had run a small home in Chelsham Road Croydon since July 1880. However, Harriett saw the need for something different and spent 10 years raising funds for a home where children who had been discharged from hospital could be sent to recover with proper care.

The land was bought in 1889 and the building finished in late 1890. It was designed to provide care for 20 children in “light and airy dormitories”.

The home continued in its role until the First World War when it was requisitioned by the War Department and became the Convalescent Home for Soldiers. It was described as a small but most effective and beneficial hospital conducted by Dr W Dempster at 254 Brighton Road (at some time the number changed!). It was affiliated to the Horton War Hospital in Epsom

After the First War it served as a “relief hospital” under the care of a matron – Mrs Kempster . Following that it was taken over by the Croydon Union and became Croydon Relief Station number 6. It stayed in use as a relief station until the Second World War when it had a narrow escape. A V1 (flying bomb) fell on the shopping parade opposite the Windsor Castle pub missing the hospital but unfortunately killing 10 people

At some time after that the building was split into two, with the first floor being adapted as a flat and the ground floor used as a labour exchange.

In 1992 it was converted to offices and is now operated as The South Croydon Business Centre. It retains its “light and airy rooms” and is a pleasant, comfortable and efficient location for thriving businesses.

Please contact our Office Manager Janine Adams on 020 8688 3141 or email officespace@southcroydonbusinesscentre.co.uk with regard to office space availability.